List of 32 different hook templates:

Stop to [OLD HABIT]… You’re wrong!

The only [PRODUCT] designed specifically for [UNIQUE FEATURE]!

Don’t buy [PRODUCT]! Unless you want to [TRANSFORMATION/RESULT]!

If you have [PAIN POINT], you have to watch the whole video!

I’ve FINALLY found the best [PRODUCT]! I present it to you now!

Achieve [GOAL] faster than ever with [PRODUCT]!

I’m testing this [PRODUCT] for you! Let’s go !

Ditch [OLD PRODUCT] for [PRODUCT] and never look back!

Why [PRODUCT] is the best choice for [SPECIFIC NEED]!

The breakthrough [PRODUCT] everyone in [NICHE] is talking about!

Are you still in this [OLD/BAD SITUATION]? I’ve got the solution!

For all you [NICHE] fans, check out how I’m going to transform my life with this beautiful [PRODUCT]!

The [PRODUCT] that’s shaking up [INDUSTRY]!

Here’s a little video for all you [NICHE] people: this [PRODUCT] is amazing!

I’ve just received my new , let’s try it out together right away!

For me, who’s always [LIFESTYLE SITUATION], this [PRODUCT] is super practical!

A new [TRANSFORMATION/RESULT] in just [TIME FRAME]! It’s now possible!

The new must-have in your [LOCATION]: [PRODUCT].

Ready for a [TRANSFORMATION]? [PRODUCT] is your answer!

Discover the ideal [PRODUCT] for your [LIFESTYLE SITUATION]!

I say STOP to [PAIN POINT]! Here is how :

Why [PRODUCT] is the answer to your [SPECIFIC NEED]!

[NUMBER] reasons why the [PRODUCT] is perfect for your [TRANSFORMATION/RESULT]

[NUMBER] ways to get to your dream [TRANSFORMATION/RESULT]

Unveiling the [PRODUCT]: Your new secret weapon for [BENEFIT]!

I’ve been using this [PRODUCT] for [DURATION] now and I’ll honestly tell you what I think.

Fed up with [COMPETITOR PRODUCT], do you know this alternative ? The [PRODUCT]!

Unlock your full potential with [PRODUCT]—find out how!

Transform your [ACTIVITY] with the power of [PRODUCT]!

Breaking news: [PRODUCT] changes the game for [NICHE]!”

The ultimate solution to [PROBLEM] is finally here: [PRODUCT]!

Why experts are calling [PRODUCT] a game-changer for [NICHE]!

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